Dec 142013

The Fuckwittery du jour has arrived via email, in the form of a communiqué from the congenital reality-denialists at Freedom4Health. In case you hadn’t heard of them, they are the hard-line homeopaths behind the various campaigns to save homeopathic hospitals (most people would prefer to save the patients), force homeopathy into the NHS (most people would prefer to spend scarce NHS resources on real treatment and the medical staff) and generally behave like a religious sect keen on shoving its dumbfuck mindset on everyone else, all the while screaming “FREEDOM OF CHOICE!!!!!” Notorious whackjob David “Phases of the Moon” Tredinnick, Member of Parliament for Narnia Central (alright, Bosworth. Same thing) thinks they’re marvellous, which tells you all you need to know about both parties in that particular lovefest.

Anyway. The email. Here it is, in all its pop-eyed glory. Enjoy.

Dear All,

Read the latest article on the ASA that has been published in the monthly magazine: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, by going to our website and reading it here

This tickles me no end. The Blessed McTaggart is a natural ally of these militant loonbags, but she will not appreciate their giving away one of her for-pay articles for free. The general gist of this email originally appeared on the F4H webshite, by the way, and it did not include the following sentence:

Even better, buy a copy of the magazine. Tesco and WH Smiths stock it plus numerous other newsagents.

BWAHAHAHAA I detect hasty butt-coverage to appease the wrath of the Great McTaggart, potentially baulked of a couple of pee because somebody downloaded the piece of verbal shit instead of forking out good money for inexcusably bad journalism. WDDTY, you will recall, is sold by supermarkets like Tesco. In other words: a soulless, profiteering rag that pretends to excoriate soulless, profiteering corporations is happy to be distributed via soulless, profiteering corporations. But I digress, though not by much.

The article is written by Robert Verkerk who is the executive and scientific director of the Alliance for Natural Health –

In case you had any doubts: “scientific director” for ANH is indeed like being health spokesperson for the tobacco industry or marriage counsellor for the Vatican. If it’s quackery, ANH support it. They support that ghoulish cancer fraud Burzynski, for fuck’s sake.

His conclusion is “The ASA, a private company masquerading as a government agency, needs dismantling from top to bottom.”

His conclusion is not based on any facts known to this reality. The ASA may sometimes be akin to a paper tiger, but it doesn’t need dismantling in any direction (“top to bottom”? Seriously?) If  anything, it needs more resources and more clout. Incidentally, do I really need to point out that it’s far easier to find out about the ASA, its remit and its funding than it is to uncover the same information about F4H?

That the homeopaths should be so vocal about the slightest criticism betrays their basic insecurity, and no bloody wonder. No matter how they try to spin things, they can’t produce the slightest glimmer of hard evidence to back up their slightest claim. It sort of seriously fucks up your ambitions of making money from being a viable alternative to medicine when that happens.

Thank you, The Freedom4Health Team

Oh no, thank you, misnomered Freedom4Health team, for being so relentlessly entertaining.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Holiday Season!

… which is best achieved by staying well away from these fuckwits and everything they believe in.

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