Nov 282011
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This whole thing just gets more insane by the minute. It’s bad enough supposedly reputable newspapers like The Observer giving uncritical coverage to praiseworthy, if misguided, attempts by beloved celebs to raise money for a little girl dying of cancer. Praiseworthy because, well, that’s obvious. Parents and family need all the help they can get and cancer research always needs more funding: there are many different types of cancer, with many different causes. Misguided, because the type of research being funded, isn’t. It’s at best a desperate attempt by a single doctor to promote a treatment he continues to believe in after 30 unsuccessful years of ‘clinic trials’; at worst it’s a con trick.

Let me make it quite clear, if it wasn’t already from my previous posts on the subject: I tend to think the worst of Dr Burzynski and his acolytes. I am far from alone in this opinion, as the plethora of links below shows. There are repeats from other posts, but this bears repeating.

The semi-literate and possibly borderline legal threats sent by Burzynski’s pet killer chihuahua – who must be condoned by Burzynski as he has not repudiated this person’s actions over the period he’s been sending these emails – are unpleasant, to say the least. Court action is of course mentioned, but there is also the veiled threat of “we know where you live” and warnings that the recipient should think of their family.

Now this weeping syphilitic sore has started attacking teenagers:

Over the next few days, busy as I am, I’m going to start looking at Dr Burzynski’s publicly available financial information. It had better be squeaky clean, both legally and morally, because otherwise his arse will be mine.

I have sworn this.

Here’s some more new reading. Heavyweights like Orac, PZ Myers, Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy and Cory Doctorow have all weighed in recently. Stephen Fry tweeted the link to Rhys Morgan’s post (and the site promptly collapsed under the deluge of readers). These are some of the paw prints left by a cat well and truly out of the bag:

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  • Storm


    I am a CPA and can look at the financial information too- is it on their web site?


    • anarchic teapot

      There’s a link to Yahoo! info on the BRI penny stock on the clinic’s website. The main question I have is: is capital investment in small companies tax-deductible? Because if it is, there’s a huge tax dodge going on.

      • Storm

        Normally companies include capital investment on the balance sheet and then include in the profit and loss account over time through depreciation. The depreciation is reversed out for tax purposes and replaced with a writing down allowance. So yes capital investment is tax deductable but there are rules about when and how much.

        What I’m less sure about is the treatment of research and development expenditure which varies according to the likeliehood of a projuect coming to commercial fruition.

        I’ll take a look.

      • Storm

        This sounds dodgy from a governance point of view…
        On September 8, 2011, the board of directors of Burzynski Research Institute unanimously elected Dr. Gregory S. Burzynski to fill a vacancy on the board of directors. Dr. Gregory S. Burzynski is a licensed medical doctor who has worked at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas since July, 2010. He is currently the vice president of the Burzynski Clinic and is expected to be a valuable member of the board of directors of the company. In addition, Dr. Gregory S. Burzynski is board certified in internal medicine and has been involved in co-authoring numerous publications regarding Antineoplastons.

  • anarchic teapot

    Gregory is probably his son.

    As for the capital investment, I’m wondering where the swingeing fees paid by marks are going. They’re not going into the institute, so does B have another company to handle that side of things, or is it a deduction on his personal tax returns? Either way, it looks like what the UK would call tax evasion. Is that what it would be in the US? Since your email suggests you live or have lived in the UK, you may be better placed to judge.

    • Storm

      There are definitely several inter-related companies. The clinic and the institute seem to be seperate. I can’t quite get a handle on it.

      I am UK based but the USA uses international accounting standards and has fairly well recognised standards on governance so it should be understandable. Tax less so…

      The amounts involved and the ‘company’ status suggests that it shouldn’t be done through his personal tax return.

      I’d be interested to know who their auditors are …I’m having some trouble accessing their accounts just now.

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